Calendar: September 2015

On September 1 and 2, 2015, a project entitled "Invasive species of plants of foreign origin - stocktaking, spreading, methods of control". The conference took place in Gawrych Ruda, in the Wigry National Park. There were over 70 people representing national parks and landscape parks, forest districts, universities, research institutes and non-governmental organizations.


The conference was opened by Dr. Lech Krzysztofiak - President of the Association "Man and Nature" and Dr. Eng. Jacek Lozinski - Director of the Wigry National Park. The Park Director briefly presented the history of the Wigry National Park's involvement in the fight against invasive plant species of foreign origin.


During the first session, chaired by prof. dr hab. Barbara Tokarska-Guzik, the following papers were delivered:

  • "Impatiens glandulifera- Invasive Species of Foreign Origin - Inventory, Spread, Methods of Control" by Lech Krzysztofiak
  • "Impatiens glandulifera in Kampinoski National Park - From Inventory to Fighting Strategy" by Dr. Anna Bomanowska
  • "Black list of invasive vascular plants of the Westerly Lake District" by Dr. Artur Pliszko
  • "Fighting alien, invasive species of plants in the National Park" Tucholskie forests "by mgr inż. Magdalena Kochanowska

and after the break, during which one could, among others, get the latest publications on invasive species, the next guests were:

  • "Invasive species of alien plants in Ojcowski National Park" by Dr. Anna Sołtys-Lelek
  • "Methods of destroying barley on the example of Santok municipality in the province. Lubuskie. Opportunities, methods and techniques of PASTA "by Jan Pastwy
  • "Replacing moths at the fence, or how to invite gardeners to fight invasive species" by Justyna Rymon-Lipińska.

In the post-apocalyptic session chaired by dr hab. Lucjan Rutkowski, the following papers were delivered:

  • "Foreign and invasive species of dinoflagellates (Dinoflagfellata) in Wigry National Park (state of research: summer 2015)" dr Paweł M. Owsianny
  • "Foreign invasive plant species in the city of Piła (northern Wielkopolska) - a report from the educational and monitoring project" dr Paweł M. Owsianny,
  • "Analysis of the availability of seeds and seedlings of invasive plant species of foreign origin in the Podlaskie Voivodeship" mgr inż. Aleksandra Mackiewicz
  • "Results of inventory of invasive plant species of alien origin in Czarna Hańcza valley from its sources to Sobolewa" dr Anna Krzysztofiak,
  • "Other plant species in the areas proposed for strict protection in the Wigry National Park" dr Lech Krzysztofiak.

At the end of the lecture session, Dr. Marian Szewczyk presented his experience in the removal of Sosnowski borsch in the Sanok district.


After each lecture block, the participants discussed the topics discussed, which showed that the problem of invasions of alien plant species affects not only protected area hosts such as national or landscape parks, but also foresters and local government officials. The exchange of experiences between the conference participants in the fight against these unwanted guests continued during a brief poster session.

On the second day of the conference an field session was held during which the participants visited the meadow over Czarna Hańcza, where the Wigry National Park has been effectively combating adenomas for three years and the Dowspuda area, where there is a strong population of Sosnowski borscht and adenomatous leprosy. The conference was also an opportunity to present the problems of alien plant species in local media - in Białystok Radio and TVP Bialystok.