About us

The "Man and Nature" Association is a non-governmental organization whose function is based solely on the work of not employed members. Our activity began at the end of 2001, with the main aim of preserving and promoting the natural and cultural values of north-eastern Poland. Funds for the implementation of projects come from grants, donations and membership fees.

The aim of the Association is:

  1. undertaking activities related to the protection of the cultural and natural resources of the north-eastern Poland;
  2. creating conditions for the development of the popularization of knowledge about the natural and cultural environment in Poland and abroad;
  3. cooperation with state authorities and local government, economic and social organizations and scientific institutions in the field of organizing, conducting and improving methods of protecting the natural environment and cultural resources;
  4. dissemination of knowledge about the natural-cultural environment of north-eastern Poland.

The Association pursues its objectives by:

1. implementation of projects concerning active protection of natural and cultural resources;

2. organizing courses, outdoor events, exhibitions, shows, lectures, discussions, workshops, symposia, seminars, etc., dissemination of knowledge about the natural and cultural environment and methods of its protection;

3. initiation, organization and financing of photographic, artistic and literary competitions related to North-Eastern Poland;

4. encouraging and developing ecological movements;

5. conducting educational, educational, informational and consultative activities in the field of environmental protection;

6. conducting research, scientific, technical and scientific work, conducting expert opinions, evaluations and opinions, publishing scientific papers, textbooks, scripts, scientific aids and professional publications.

The Bank of Environmental Protection S.A. concluded that the project entitled "Construction of manure plates for protection of the most valuable waters in the landscape parks of north-eastern Poland" was the best project in 2003 in the Suwałki Region and awarded us with the title of "Ekolider of the Suwałki Region".  The project was financed by the EcoFund and the Small Grants Program.

Join us if you'd like to cooperate with us!

If you are interested in cooperation or participation in project implementation and active participation in the life of the Association, contact us.

If you would like to support the Association's activities financially, you can make any payment to the Association's account:

Bank Spółdzielczy w Rutce Tartak
92 9367 0007 0010 0050 2995 0001
with a note: DONATION